Saturday, March 24, 2018

Beheading update (Blue Glow Part 2)

So after the last update, I applied some of this stuff to the base of my headchop.... its cooling down here in Perth so I was really hoping to get at least a couple of roots growing before we hit winter.

Happy to report we have A fresh root appearing (phew!!)

Firstly the base.... Looks fugly as!

But as you can see - 3 new babies starting to appear

Now the head has just been sitting near by, on the ground, getting watered a couple of times a week.  No special care apart from not in full sun.

It's actually still looking fairly healthy all things considered....

and one tiny little root is starting to appear.....

I take this as a postive sign that you CAN behead a Blue Glow / Snow Glow / Sun Glow, and with enough patience you can successfully propagate these in the same manner as the attentuata.  Just need a BIT more patience....

Monday, March 12, 2018

Beheading update (Blue Glow)

So a while ago (10th December).... I did this  to my Blue Glow. 

Been checking on both the base and the head reasonably often, and we finally have some movement!

Head still hasn't set roots (agaves can be SOOO stubborn).  Have applied some rooting hormone liquid to it today to hopefully get it moving along

Not sure how good your eyesight is.... (mines pretty terrible these days) but I can see the start of two baby Blue Glows on the next photo.

And in final exciting news - my Aeonium Mardi Gras has survived summer!!! 

Bring on cooler weather and active growth!

Ledebouria socialis variegated

Pretty little thing....
Tiny flowers but exquisite to look at !

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Frangipani's... yet another obsession

I found the need to put some shade in at my place.  Given my garden is a real hodge podge of plants these days, I thought I'd go with frangipani's.

Perfect shade for the succulent garden, shade in summer, bare in winter.

But hey, this is me.
So um I needed to find some VARIEGATED frangipani's.....

Picked this one up from a local seller.  Called AustraliaGold

This one has a fairly traditional white/yellow flower.

BUT then I heard the franipani expo was coming to town, with a chance to get a Maya...

For this one, you went to the expo, you put your name down as willing to buy this if your number got drawn.  And then you just hoped it happened.

Guess what.  It DID!!!!!

Apparently this one has red flowers... time will tell.  If it does then I suspect its going to be Anyamani, rather than Maya.  Don't mind either way.  She's pretty :D

I DO have other ones around my garden... hang on

Billabong (this is pretty)

Pink Cheeks (first year flowering for me)

George Brown (I could do a million photos just on this ones colour changes!)

Dwarf one - um watermelon (has another name...)

Have a FEW more that haven't flowered yet... Butterfly Gold, Sheer Beauty, Miracle, Gina, Lutea Aurea, Bowen's Yellow, WA Sunset.....

Then I thought I might as well do some pics of the ones at mums place (before I forget the names)

Mango Delight

Fruit Salad

Raspberry Royale
This one is unnamed - massive flowers on it.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another day... another victim

 4th Feb (yes I have been slack... but at least i have some result photos on this one!)

Sometimes I look around and do the "hmm what can I try NOW"

Couple of silver trims sitting around - starting to get longer stems popped into my view.

Yep they will do nicely.


Yes I know people normally core, but I like keeping the growing tip, and attenuatas are VERY forgiving.
OFF With its head 😀

That's OK.... but nah needs more leaves removed.  Have to leave enough so that the plant still feeds.
Don't want it NOT growing.

Yep, happy with that.  OK - anything else.....

Oh yeh. this beauty!!!


Results... well its 6 weeks later.

Number 1 victim (much longer stem - but not great variegation to work with)

LOTS of babies.. but I don't know.... time will tell.

Victim 2 (MUCH better variegation to play with - but less stem)

Not much happening.  Removed that top leaf.... and hang on

OK when I zoom in I can just see a couple of bubs starting.  Cross your fingers!

Moral here might be - be more patient and wait for a longer stem.  Bad Liane!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A different angle on agave propagation

OK before we begin - this is my SPARE Snow glow. 

Not sure I could bring myself to do this to an agave it I had only ONE of them

Over the last 12 months I've been seeing more and more photos about this method of propagating Agaves.  Frankly I was someone skeptical.  Would it actually work ????

Anyway, yesterday coming back from a grueling 5.5 hours of driving my kids around catching Shiny Dratinis for Pokemon Go, and having recently had a batch of Victorinox Paring knives arrive from ebay [instrument of choice for frangipani grafting.... I will do a post on that another day]

I kind of looked at it, and went oh stuff it.  What have I got to lose (apart from a VERY nice Snow Glow [sob])

So I um did it....

The IDEA is to cut through the plant, straight through the growing point (thus stuffing around all those hormones in the growing tip that say "grow as a single plant only")

You try and leave the roots intact so the plant will continue growing.

OK.... yep got it.

Tried it (didn't cry while I was doing it....VERY proud of myself lol)
Also didn't cut my hand (phew!)
These knives are NICE cut through this thing like it was butter.  Seriously.

So then you have to wedge the gap open to stop it rejoining.
Hmm handy sprinkler spike does a good job for that! (I hope)

So now its a sit back and wait.

No overhead watering for this one from here on in.  

Try not to think about what you just did......

Oh yeh, Daughter deemed the Pokemon Go hunt a success.... Shinies!!!!

2 March Update

No need for a spacer anymore... it's staying open

Friday, February 23, 2018

Grafting my variegated eureka lemon

I've had this tree for I don't know - over 10 years now.  Back then it was "around' not easy to find, but around.  Price was about double that of a standard lemon, but hey with my variegated obsession I kind of felt I needed it.

Hang on - Lemon Tree pics FIRST

See beautiful!

Even the fruit are stripey

The fruit itself is your standard Eurkea lemon.  We do get bits that throw to white on the tree,  but not many, and we just chop those bits off as its draws nutrition out of the plant to have to support the "no chlorophyll bit"

OK - first the root stock.  A lovely gentleman gave us a few different ones to try.

Sorry - can't remember the name, think some were the rough lemon, and some flying dragon (dwarfing rootstock),  these ones reminded me very much of my old fingerlime tree.

So first victims....


and a good friend with patience and a willingness to do the job FOR me
(yes in this case I woosed out)

These grey trunk ones were not kind for bud grafting - the bark just didn't want to come out cleanly, so we ended up just v-grafting onto these ones.

The flying dragon roostock however was nice and green and came apart nicely for a bud graft

And at the end of the day, a boot load of plants...

If this works, we'll do some more next year (we left it pretty late this year)

Just another variegated plant that I can help spread to other variegate enthusiasts around Perth 😁