Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some photos from around the Garden.

Crassula green pagoda from above
Crassula Green Pagoda - front view

 Another newbie - not 100% certain of the name but it's the right family at least......

Aeonium sedifolium
Crassula Spring time finally flowered - and yes I have a problem with Winter Grass at the moment ;)

Crassula Springtime
Spring time is actually pretty fast growing - unlike the next one - Morgan's Beauty.  This one might take forever to get to a decent size.

Crassula Morgan's Beauty

This is a gorgeous Aloe I got last year - it now has 3 flower spikes, and has about 8 babies popping up.  Enjoying it, but must repot soon!

Aeonium Variegata
 This one I sort far and wide, and eventually found a pot at the last Garden Society Fair in South Perth.  A WONDERFUL place to find different plants.     I have since found one tiny pot at Bunnings as well.
Variegated String of Pearls - senecio rowleyanus

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