Friday, May 16, 2014

Rhipsalis Elliptica flowering

I picked this plant up from Rex Hardy here in Perth a couple of months ago. Hasn't grown much since then, but it has decided to flower. Lovely little things, remind me of fairy dresses

I tend to have zones around my house, out the back where I can't smell them (as far from any open window as possible) is the table with the stapeliads on them. 

Pool fence and surrounds are my ivy geraniums.

Beside the aquaponics system is my potting area - and my orchids  and out the back door near the laundry is my epiphyte section (rhipsalis/epiphyllum/zygos).  I must have over 20 different rhipsalis now, so I'll try and feature a few as they come into flower.  I do love these guys -weird foliage and gorgeous little flowers.

I wonder what colour the fruit will be on this one - I suspect just a clear white, but I will wait and see.

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