Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sedum Americanum cristata & a visit to a fellow succulent collectors house

 Every now and then you find something at Bunnings that just makes you go "WOW".  This was one of those days.  Was up at the new store opening on Monday and spotted these two....

It's definitely not variegated - but for $7 I thought it a bit of a bargain.  So much so I picked up a second one for a friend that took me through her gorgeous succulent garden on the weekend (as a thankyou gift).  This ones form isn't quite as appealing to me.  But still pretty cool
This is what Sedum Americanum normally looks like.  Cristata forms are when the growing head becomes linear rather than a single point.  As you can see it changes the growth pattern in very bizarre ways. 
This was a cristata form that I viewed at my friends place on Sunday
Must have been nearly 50cm across from one side of the head to the other.  The photo really doesn't do it justice - it was gorgeous.  This huge head supported on a thin singular growth.  Thankfully its propped against a shed, without that support it would just fall off.
The whole garden was full of "WOW" moments
I came home with my only little goody bag of babies to pot up - all ones that I didn't already own. 
Including a couple of baby echeveria cristata's (Echeveria Briar Rose).    Feeling very spoilt!

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