Thursday, March 10, 2016

Agaves and Aloes... new plants :)

I finally had my order from Collectors Corner in Victoria arrive :)  some nice Aloe's and Agaves in this lot.  I've potted them all up in a nice pumice/succulent mix, hope they appreciate it!

Usual problem with Western Australia - finding people willing to post here.  Our quarantine rules are strict (and rightfully so).  So we end up paying a premium a lot of times for people that CAN post to WA.  It also means plants from Vic getting sprayed with all sorts of chemicals before getting here (so those need repotting pretty much straight away).  
Permits from the rest of Australia are fairly straight forward, and I use these a LOT to get plants I can't find in Western Australia.  But you end up paying around $110 extra on top of the plants and postage for the right to bring in 20 bare rooted plants (so about $5 per plant). 
Agave titanota
Agave ferdinand regis

Agave filiferaAlo

Agave potatorum minima

Agave toumeyana

Aloe 'Lavender Star'

Aloe 'Sal'

Aloe 'Christmas Carol'

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