Saturday, March 26, 2016

In flower today (Stapeliads)

Couple of nice Stapeliads in flower lately.

The first was a Huernia pillansii (this one was a gift from the Croatian ladies - for those in Perth they are frequently at the Kalamunda markets, they are easy to spot as they have some of the best grown succulents at bargain prices)

Huernia pillansii
This one was a NOID - but after talking to a few others I am pretty certain this one is Stapelia obducta.  Only a couple of inches across (5cm) and VERY VERY hairy.  And may I just say - for a smaller flower this one packs a whollop in smell factor!  This one I am pretty sure came from Collectors Corner over in Victoria.
Stapelia obducata
The next was a find at a local collectors.  Not completely sure what it is, but I've seen it around Australia going by the same name more than once, so I assume its going to be one that someone recognises.... eventually
Huernia 'Renatta'
Now this one is gorgeous, Huernia saudi-arabica.  Definitely NOT the one sold by Collectors Corner (which I believe is actually Huernia saudi-arabica x huernia zebrina v magniflora)
Huernia saudi-arabica 
And, after all that we've had some lovely light rain here in Perth.  The temps are cooling, and the plants are looking happy. At least for this week !

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