Sunday, July 23, 2017

Front yard makeover

Mum came over the other day commenting that there was this place on Dellamarta Rd in Wanneroo that was having a second clearance...  so I wandered down with her for a look.

I was looking for a large bowl for the front yard - came across this beauty for $50 (hate to think how much it would normally cost).  Putting this into perspective, the pallet is 110cm wide....

Of course this mean I REALLY did have to get on top of the front yard.  The couch grass was doing my head in, and I needed to space out a lot of the plants

I recruited a few friends and we started sorting out the mess.  
They do say you have to create a mess FIRST.

Well we did really really well at creating that mess!

But I think it was worthwhile to do

Thankfully we got this garden bed mostly finished before the bowl turned up.

Next stage it to actually get it UP to where the dragon tree is.....

My youngest and I managed to roll it on its side and move it up off the verge at least (she kept making comments about how a mother  is soooo strong they can lift a car off a child trapped beneath it... I offered to drop the 200kgs or so of bowl on her to see if I could replicate this event, but she declined  😉 Oh the youngest is nearly 13, so it wasn't QUITE slave labour)

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