Friday, July 21, 2017

Once upon a time there was a sad neglected part of my garden

This was the trampoline... 

 as you can see it got a lot of use (NOT).  I finally managed to convince my partner that maybe, just maybe it was time to get rid of it.

Stage 1 of the project was rediscovering the golden can palms.  Palms are not my thing.  They take quite a bit of effort to maintain - the only good thing about them is that there never seems to be water logged soil around here - the palms soak up all the water.
4 hours into cutting back the palms....

8 hours later....

this is just the dead stuff that came out of that area!  I bagged up like 5 bags of greenery as well.  Most of this dead wood will get used in our firepit as it dries out.

OK that's it for day 1.  Trampoline down, palms hacked. (oh and grass area sprayed as I want to kill it all off before I relay nice grass and make this look pretty)

Onto the adjoining section.  Firstly down with all the old hanging baskets....
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 This is what Xandadu roots do to metal fences.... think my neighbour is going to be happy I'm removing these!
 Pile of Xandus that came out....

So that's two areas now cleared, and I scored a few on special feature pieces to set up.....  Can't complain at $59 marked down from $160 for that vase.

I even managed to drill it without shattering it! (Phew)

 By this time my friends were helping me source new features in my back yard.  So this one then turned up.... I like! problem is now I have to decide if it will be a water feature or a succulent feature.  Oh the decisions!!!

Anyway next step is planning how its all going to go back together.  It's really fun and I look forward to seeing it all evolve again.

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