Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Backyard makeover... getting there

I realised I hadn't posted pics of how the garden is coming along.  Tomorrow I head off to Sydney for the Succulent Get Together is Gosford (hosted by CSSNSW).  So I thought I had better at least clean up a few things here before I go!

The lawn went in about 2 weeks ago.  Huge thanks to Bede from Mr. Retic for doing such a great job!  (FYI - he won 2016 Domestic Waterwise Installer of the Year, and is an all round nice guy :D )

Anyway - this is how the section looks right now (well 10 mins ago when I took the pic)

Still a lot of pots etc to sort out, but definite progress getting made.  Unfortunately I had a bit of a set back as my hayfever kind of went nuclear this year.  After testing it was found that I was extremely allergic to grass pollens and dust mites (hence my misery every time I went in the garden)

So I was given the choice of avoiding gardening and cleaning (yeh like that is going to happen) or undergoing desensitisation.  Funnily enough I chose the latter.  I am now on round 4 of my injections, and I'm hoping its going to work!  In the meantime I'm keeping the allergy medication companies in business.

A few timeline photos of the transformation....  HUGE improvement since the days of the trampoline being there.

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