Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NSW Get Together - Day 1 and 2

I escaped!!!

Seriously, for a WHOLE week.

First day was a bit of a lazy one, as I flew out from Perth to Sydney, then met up with some of the other members of our party for coffee while we waited for the last mob to fly in from Victoria where they had been off shopping up big.

Anyway, quick trip South to start with and a night down at Thirroul

Didn't do much stopping on the way down - so all I have are images of a bit of water and some blurry cars 😀 Checked in at the Thirroul Beach Hotel, and ambled off with our party of 7 to find some dinner. Early night for us all that night!

But Day 2 started with a blast, I was the "navigator" for this part, and we headed back up the coast a bit to get to our first destination.

Andoran Stud Agistment and Succulent Nursery, and the gorgeous Jocelyn Ainsworth.

This visit was on my "must do" list for the last 3 years, and I was NOT disappointed.

I'll let the photos mostly speak for them selves.

Isn't this tree beautiful!  white and pink flowers on the same tree.  One of those there at the right season kind of things!

Agave parrasana 'Fireball'
This one got added to my wish list!!! Had seen it previously growing in a garden in Vic, but seeing it again just got me drooling 💙💚💛💜

One of my delightful travelling companions hamming it up a bit for the camera - but it was a serious business!!!

Wrapping our plants for transport.  Everything was bare rooted before we left to insure we could fit everything into the car (and trust me 7 people, luggage for a week + plants in a Kia Carnival was a tight fit!) 

I managed to get my photo taken (once!!!) 

Quick stop at The Succulent Garden on our way up - beautiful nursery with lovely plants.  I somehow forgot to take my camera out there (I actually did that a lot unfortunately).  But I will say it was worth the visit.

Oh darn - twice!  Another photo with me in it! We finally checked in at the Get Together that evening.  We may have been a bit um, relieved to finally get there, as we had been given dire warnings about Sydney traffic heading North on a long weekend.  Thankfully we missed most of it, and arrived with a bit of time to spare.

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