Saturday, May 5, 2018

Andrews Succulents - Finally a dedicated succulent shop NoR in Perth

It's always been a bit sad that we have lacked a dedicated succulent shop NoR of Perth.  We have many many excellent home growers - but nothing you could really call into apart from shops like Bunnings, Waldecks and Dawsons.

When I heard Andrew had opened a succulent store on Wanneroo Rd I thought I would go have a look see. (Especially as it's out near RDA Capricorn, and  I was there dropping off the kids regardless for their stint of volunteering for the week)

Anyway - first a link to the facebook page Andrew's Succulents.  For anyone looking for it its just South of the intersection of Hester Ave/Wanneroo Rd.   Freeway goes through to Hester Ave now - so its a head north on freeway, exit East on Hester Ave, Turn South on Wanneroo Rd.  Drive past some service stations (which normally have a really good price for fuel) and its on the first corner (Menchetti Rd) you come to on the left. 

First thoughts - well set out, with a range of good sized succulents at a good price.  I'd say at this stage it was a great range of starter plants, with some  harder to find things like Aloe polyphylla (spiral Aloe) and Buddha's temple.  I imagine the range is only going to continue to expand, so well worth keeping an eye on.

Lots of parking on the premises as well, I didn't take photos of the garden, but you can see some work has gone into making an attractive display garden as well.

One of the things I really liked was the fact he had a LOT of ready to go display bowls and features, and some attractive displays of inside plants as well as of succulents.

All in all a nice stop!

I'll try to do a few more reviews of places around Perth.  I think my next post might be home nurseries.  I haven't visited any for a while, but this might motivate me to get out and do something that isn't kidlet related.

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