Saturday, March 24, 2018

Beheading update (Blue Glow Part 2)

So after the last update, I applied some of this stuff to the base of my headchop.... its cooling down here in Perth so I was really hoping to get at least a couple of roots growing before we hit winter.

Happy to report we have A fresh root appearing (phew!!)

Firstly the base.... Looks fugly as!

But as you can see - 3 new babies starting to appear

Now the head has just been sitting near by, on the ground, getting watered a couple of times a week.  No special care apart from not in full sun.

It's actually still looking fairly healthy all things considered....

and one tiny little root is starting to appear.....

I take this as a postive sign that you CAN behead a Blue Glow / Snow Glow / Sun Glow, and with enough patience you can successfully propagate these in the same manner as the attentuata.  Just need a BIT more patience....

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