Saturday, April 2, 2016

These are a few of my favourite things....

We had RAIN last week, a whole day of light steady, beautiful rain. And the plants have thanked me.  Everything is looking cleaner, and plumper and generally well just MORE gorgeous.
Echeveria 'Fukushyuu Nishiki'

Echeveria subsessilis variegata

Echeveria cuspidata v gemmula 'La Joya'

Meanwhile - some seed growing attempts.  My cotyledon undulara flowered a while ago   (around the end of last year apparently - the photo flower was from New Years Eve)

Cotyledon undulata

Cotyledon undulata in flower
anyway I noticed last week that the flowers had dried off, and there looked to be seed.  So I attempted sowing some, and low and behold I got growth!!  So then I harvested the rest and tried for a second batch.... I do believe I may have done an "Epic Fail" in even disbursement of seed.  But well, it was fun!  Now to see if I can get these to a decent size.  (P.S. I have a heat mat and grow lights inside the house which is what I used to get these started)

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Linda B said...

Oh you lucky thing. Those 3 echeveria are on my wish list