Thursday, October 12, 2017

NSW Get Together Day 3

I really didn't take a lot of photos, so you're just going to get some highlights here and basically plants that I found really interesting :)

(going out of order here - found this one a couple of days later, so have the name for it)

I have a couple of sorts of Senecio scarposus but this has got to be my favourite... long story, I did get one this trip, unfortunately it went walk about before I got home. (so if you get one, maybe pen it in so they can't wander far)

We actually did two places that day, but I missed taking the camera out at the second.  Was just enjoying the plants.

The Get Together had the raffle in the evening, and our table seemed to take home more than its fair share of prizes (go WA!!!)  I was lucky enough to get a gift voucher, and a really nice stationary set (cactus of course - but I gifted that to a friend that didn't win anything)

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