Thursday, October 12, 2017

NSW Get Together Day 6

On our way across to Hamiltons Nursery from Gosford we stopped in at a Flower Power.

Not having been to a Flower Power before it was a bit of an experience for us. 

The display out the front was superb (still don't know if they were all real or some were fake...)

We stopped at the Cafe for a quick coffee, and while there did some tech support on phones (yes J you're photos are blurry cause the lens is smashed....ouch)

Then onto Hamiltons were I met some new friends, and introduced some new plants to my collection.
(sorry no photos of Hamiltons, was too busy enjoying meeting people!)

A gift from a friend - pretty isn't she!

Got given a gorgeous baby of this one

And saw a more grown up version of one I purchased last month.

I also did a swap and managed to get a baby of Agave parrasana 'Fireball'  Can't wait for mine to grow up to look like this!

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