Saturday, December 9, 2017

Coring Agaves.... forget that! Let's try a HEADCHOP

So I'm still experimenting with propagation - I looked at coring/stripping leaves from attenuatas and got some great results.   Then when I did my second one I was looking at it going "hmm what if I just head chop instead" attenuata's are like cockroaches, they will still be alive when everything else has passed on.   Needless to say I got some gorgeous pups (will post an update of some of the pups I've produced by coring/beheading silver trims in another post)

Sooooo today I braved something I've been meaning to try for a while.

I'm lucky enough to own 2 Snow Glows, and at some stage I'd like to try and propagate one of them, but I would also like to save the growing tip.  Given how rare they are, I thought bI'd be etter off NOT experimenting on one of those.  I do  however have a spare Blue Glow.  This one isn't TC, it came from a friends garden up in Gin Gin (who will probably send me death glares when he sees what I have done to his Blue Glow!!!)

Any way this is the victim um plant

As you can see she's a tad overgrown, and I really need to move her up a pot size (or 3).

Anyway, um OFF With her head. Out with the chopping knife (good old bread knife)


OK not very clean, but there you go.... now to keep it out of water for a day or two

 Head cut

 and time to clean it up a bit and remove some leaves at the base.

Yep that's better!

She was a funny old blue glow anyway, kind of grew sideways (I console myself with this thought while I look at the mess I have just made of one of my favourite plants)

Might be kind and repot her while I am at it.  She's going into shock anyway. Tra la la.....

Hmm have I done enough damage for the day do you think ?????

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