Saturday, December 2, 2017

Reticulating my agaves....

I was chatting on the Australian Agave Collectors Page on Facebook, and a couple of people PM'd me about how I water my agaves.

This is my SMALL growing plant collection.... so nothing that is going to get huge.  I'm going through a series of Allergy desensitisation at the moment which is killing my ability to get out and do some gardening ( 3 weeks.... 2 more injections and hopefully I can move onto stage 2 of the desensitisation - so shots every 3 weeks instead of EVERY week)  

In the meantime I needed a way to make sure my precious babies got watered.  So this is what I came up with.

Along the actual pool fence is a piece of poly pipe.  Each pot has a seperate 2L/h dripper in it.  The retic is automatically set to go off twice a week.  I have waterwise retic so each station runs for 30 minutes.  So twice a week my plants have 1L of water dribbled into each pot.  They probably only need half of that, but that's the slowest drip system I could find.  If you are looking for it - I found them at Bunnings HERE.


Unfotunately there is a bit of overflow from the pots, so I had to come up with a way to use that.

The local primary school was clearing some old science tables - just had to make a small donation to school for these!  the overflow from the pots drips onto the tables below.  The plants at the back DO get dripped on, but the rest are bottom watered - which works well for most of those attenuata babies.

Excellent, now I'm not wasting water AND I get more plants watered.  winning!

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