Saturday, December 9, 2017

Agave attenuata coring (well the beheading actually)

OK a while back (like last year sometime) I talked about head chopping an attenuata that I had purchased

Don't think I ever got around to showing pics ....

lets see if I can find them...

Nope no photos of the process (darn it)

Oh well,  I DID do the head cut, it worked really well.  Here's the head re-rooted now and growing strong.

I did the strip down the side of the plant where the variegation is whitest.  Left the leaves on the other side of the base.

You can kind of see that here, as you can see lots of new babies forming

They actually had some nice ones from this lot

I've actually taken a second batch off since then, and they are coming along nicely.  

Really pleased with some of the results.

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