Saturday, February 24, 2018

A different angle on agave propagation

OK before we begin - this is my SPARE Snow glow. 

Not sure I could bring myself to do this to an agave it I had only ONE of them

Over the last 12 months I've been seeing more and more photos about this method of propagating Agaves.  Frankly I was someone skeptical.  Would it actually work ????

Anyway, yesterday coming back from a grueling 5.5 hours of driving my kids around catching Shiny Dratinis for Pokemon Go, and having recently had a batch of Victorinox Paring knives arrive from ebay [instrument of choice for frangipani grafting.... I will do a post on that another day]

I kind of looked at it, and went oh stuff it.  What have I got to lose (apart from a VERY nice Snow Glow [sob])

So I um did it....

The IDEA is to cut through the plant, straight through the growing point (thus stuffing around all those hormones in the growing tip that say "grow as a single plant only")

You try and leave the roots intact so the plant will continue growing.

OK.... yep got it.

Tried it (didn't cry while I was doing it....VERY proud of myself lol)
Also didn't cut my hand (phew!)
These knives are NICE cut through this thing like it was butter.  Seriously.

So then you have to wedge the gap open to stop it rejoining.
Hmm handy sprinkler spike does a good job for that! (I hope)

So now its a sit back and wait.

No overhead watering for this one from here on in.  

Try not to think about what you just did......

Oh yeh, Daughter deemed the Pokemon Go hunt a success.... Shinies!!!!

2 March Update

No need for a spacer anymore... it's staying open

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