Sunday, February 25, 2018

Another day... another victim

 4th Feb (yes I have been slack... but at least i have some result photos on this one!)

Sometimes I look around and do the "hmm what can I try NOW"

Couple of silver trims sitting around - starting to get longer stems popped into my view.

Yep they will do nicely.


Yes I know people normally core, but I like keeping the growing tip, and attenuatas are VERY forgiving.
OFF With its head 😀

That's OK.... but nah needs more leaves removed.  Have to leave enough so that the plant still feeds.
Don't want it NOT growing.

Yep, happy with that.  OK - anything else.....

Oh yeh. this beauty!!!


Results... well its 6 weeks later.

Number 1 victim (much longer stem - but not great variegation to work with)

LOTS of babies.. but I don't know.... time will tell.

Victim 2 (MUCH better variegation to play with - but less stem)

Not much happening.  Removed that top leaf.... and hang on

OK when I zoom in I can just see a couple of bubs starting.  Cross your fingers!

Moral here might be - be more patient and wait for a longer stem.  Bad Liane!

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