Friday, February 23, 2018

Grafting my variegated eureka lemon

I've had this tree for I don't know - over 10 years now.  Back then it was "around' not easy to find, but around.  Price was about double that of a standard lemon, but hey with my variegated obsession I kind of felt I needed it.

Hang on - Lemon Tree pics FIRST

See beautiful!

Even the fruit are stripey

The fruit itself is your standard Eurkea lemon.  We do get bits that throw to white on the tree,  but not many, and we just chop those bits off as its draws nutrition out of the plant to have to support the "no chlorophyll bit"

OK - first the root stock.  A lovely gentleman gave us a few different ones to try.

Sorry - can't remember the name, think some were the rough lemon, and some flying dragon (dwarfing rootstock),  these ones reminded me very much of my old fingerlime tree.

So first victims....


and a good friend with patience and a willingness to do the job FOR me
(yes in this case I woosed out)

These grey trunk ones were not kind for bud grafting - the bark just didn't want to come out cleanly, so we ended up just v-grafting onto these ones.

The flying dragon roostock however was nice and green and came apart nicely for a bud graft

And at the end of the day, a boot load of plants...

If this works, we'll do some more next year (we left it pretty late this year)

Just another variegated plant that I can help spread to other variegate enthusiasts around Perth 😁

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