Thursday, March 1, 2018

Frangipani's... yet another obsession

I found the need to put some shade in at my place.  Given my garden is a real hodge podge of plants these days, I thought I'd go with frangipani's.

Perfect shade for the succulent garden, shade in summer, bare in winter.

But hey, this is me.
So um I needed to find some VARIEGATED frangipani's.....

Picked this one up from a local seller.  Called AustraliaGold

This one has a fairly traditional white/yellow flower.

BUT then I heard the franipani expo was coming to town, with a chance to get a Maya...

For this one, you went to the expo, you put your name down as willing to buy this if your number got drawn.  And then you just hoped it happened.

Guess what.  It DID!!!!!

Apparently this one has red flowers... time will tell.  If it does then I suspect its going to be Anyamani, rather than Maya.  Don't mind either way.  She's pretty :D

I DO have other ones around my garden... hang on

Billabong (this is pretty)

Pink Cheeks (first year flowering for me)

George Brown (I could do a million photos just on this ones colour changes!)

Dwarf one - um watermelon (has another name...)

Have a FEW more that haven't flowered yet... Butterfly Gold, Sheer Beauty, Miracle, Gina, Lutea Aurea, Bowen's Yellow, WA Sunset.....

Then I thought I might as well do some pics of the ones at mums place (before I forget the names)

Mango Delight

Fruit Salad

Raspberry Royale
This one is unnamed - massive flowers on it.

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