Friday, April 25, 2014

Huernia aspera perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Sorry brief foray into some half remembered song....

This is a new one for me - but its gorgeous (OK they are all gorgeous).  This one is pretty mild on the scent rating - which is great, as it does appear to have quite a few blooms at the moment.

Desperately needs repotting, but I only got it yesterday.  Still to confirm the name, as the label was lost somewhere along its 150km trip to me. (hence what got me started on the perhaps... perhaps... perhaps)  Darn it - can't believe I've got that song as an earworm today!  Anyway wanted to show this off while it was still blooming.  Will correct the name if I need to when I get confirmation.

Love  it!

Only problem so far is that its a rather fragile one - doesn't take much to knock a piece off.  Then again my friends will enjoy pieces, so again not all bad.

Confirmed as Huernia Aspera.

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