Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stapelia gigantea

This one is not uncommon around Perth.  See it every so often on gumtree, and you can usually pick it up by talking to someone in a gardening group.  But its still spectacular.

This one measures about 15cm from the corona to the end of a petal, so about 30cm in diameter.  Singularly the flowers don't smell too bad.  But as I tend to have all my carrion flowers in one spot, well lets just say the smells are starting to get stronger.

I have seen this growing in the ground here - usually morning sun in a really really well drained garden bed.  Not to close to entertaining areas.  Does grow fairly rampant from what I can see when it gets the right growing situation.  But it doesn't really seem to like the Perth summer and would rather nestle into a semishaded position than venture into really hot spots. 

Nice reddish hairs on this one - but not a huge number of them.  Probably one of my least hairy stapelia's :D
Stapelia Gigantea in flower
Stapelia Gigantea corona

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