Saturday, April 26, 2014

Stapelia divaricata - waiting not so patiently...

Don't you hate it when you go out in the morning and you can see the flower is opening...
 So you keep checking on it (well about an hour or two later)
 and finally a single petal opens
and you start thinking it wont be long now till the next one, so you wait a bit longer

and you wait, and you wait a bit more
and then suddenly in a split second two more petals come apart

and this last bit is a LONG wait, in fact so long that DD12 has time to run inside to get her camera, take quite a bit of video and photos and then get bored (and wants to tickle the flower open - which mean mummy wont let her do - although I do offer to tickle her instead)
DD grows so bored she gives up and goes inside.
And you keep waiting.
and waiting
and waiting.....

until suddenly it pops.

Was it worth the wait ? 
Umm maybe.  It is a beautiful flower, and reallistically it all happened in under 30 mins (from the first petal popping).  But I think next I might see if I can run a time lapse video :D

Final update - it's about 5 hours later - the flower curls backwards now.  Still pretty just different.


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