Thursday, April 24, 2014

Huernia schneideriana - I think not! Orbea Variegata Dark Form

This was a plant I picked up from Bunnings last year - originally from Collectors Corner in Victoria  I've been waiting for months to see the the first flower.  It's always that moment of excitement when you see them for the first time.  So I watched and eventually 2 little buds formed.  I kept an eye on it, day by day, week after week (or so it seemed) until it eventually decided to unfurl.

Now imagine my disappointment as the flower looked NOTHING like the picture.

Sigh.  These things do happen.  What I do have is a very nice Orbea variegata dark form.  Which I didn't actually own.  So well kind of happy on that side of things.... but also kind of annoyed it wasn't the plant or flower I expected.

The next day a more "normal" (normal here being the kind I seem to find around Perth) variegata opened.  So here they are side by side so you can see the colour difference.

Could have been worse :)
Oh smell rating - to me this one has a definite umm aroma.  I have friends that claim their variegata's don't have any scent.  Either I have a very sensitive nose or I'm just unlucky in my choice of plants.  As these always seem to smell quite strongly to me.

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