Friday, December 30, 2016

A visit to Victoria - Part 1 - Attila Kapitany's

What can I say.... I got good behaviour bond...

Back in July I managed to survive both my children going in for surgery in the same week - one for 5 wisdom teeth... yes I know 5!!! she can't even do that normally, and the other for bilateral strabismus. Call me a glutton for punishment, or just going "oh hell, it one is going to be miserable they might as well BOTH be".  Having sat there holding hands as they both went under anesthesia I promised myself a trip away.    So the plan was the visit the CSSA show with one of my best friends.

oh shameless plug for her business while I'm at it 😉
Funnily enough a lot of my friends are into Succulents.  

So 20th October we were off to Sunny Victoria... (ok make that not quite so sunny - it HAILED while we were there)

Hopping off the plane first stop was a visit to Attila Kapitany's.  We'd heard a lot about this, but never hoped to get there.  We had the phone number, and a "call when you land and we shall see what we can do".  So we called, and we were lucky enough to be invited along!  

So we plugged in the GPS and scheduled our first stop for the day.

Here are a few, very poor photographs that were taken on the day.

The "Peephole"

Aeonium tabuliforme growing outside under wire

There was actually soooo much to see that we really didn't know quite what to photograph.  But it was a fantastic start to our "girlie weekend away".

After this we were back in our car and off to stop 2 of the day.  A private collector in Victoria that was putting us up for the night... but you can wait for that! 😃

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