Saturday, December 31, 2016

A trip to Victoria - Part 2, private collector + Collectors Corner

So tired and weary (but still excited) we arrived at our first overnight destination. 

Not going to say too much about this place as I don't have permission to say where it was. But it was a treat!  LOVED our say there, would go back in an instance!

First morning I was up at 6am and walking around the gardens and growing areas just oohing and arghing... but it was cut short by the need to get going so that we could move onto our accomodation for the rest of the weekend.  So 10am we were off back on the road again.  Still gobsmacked by what we had already seen in Vic.

Euphorbia pulvinata 'Nana'
These optica rubra's made us look twice - gorgeous aren't they!

had us COMPLETELY fooled. They are actually fake ones from Lithops for sale Australia.  Should have no problems getting a permit for these guys!!

Aeonium in flower - assuming they are native bees of some sort....

I've mentioned before I have a "thing" about variegation, so most of the pics I took were of gorgeous variegated specimens, that I would love to add to my collection.

Agave 'Cubic'

Faucaria 'Super Warty'

 Haven't seen this gold centred agave here in WA, its one I'm going to import I think.  It was stunning!

Aloe arista variegata

 These last two were the show stoppers for me - stunning plants and growing in ground.  Now if only they could hurry up and offset....
Agave 'Snowfall'

Agave 'Fireball'

Agave 'Fireball'

Back in the car and heading off to the "Burvale" for our first night, we of course HAD to go past Collectors Corner...I'd like to say we were "restrained" but we really weren't.  BUT at least these guys sent back to WA, so we didn't have to worry about using up precious space on our permits!

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