Thursday, December 29, 2016

Echeveria subsessilis variegata - off with her head!

So the time had finally come, had this beauty for about 2 years, and had left it in the shade for a while hoping to get a nice long stem to propagate from.  11th Novemember it was time for 

"off with her head"

11th November

Echeveria subsessilis variegate  - head

17th November
Definitely see some babies forming now!

1st December
Wow those two weeks saw a HUGE increase in growth!
As expected the leaf grown ones are proving incredibly slow to grow, and none have shown any variegation as yet, but fingers are crossed!

21st December
I must admit - I have since removed two of the babies from this and have them sitting rooting.  Final number of babies is still undecided but so far its looking EXCELLENT!

Most of these babies will be going to close friends that have supported me this year.  I might possibly put one up for auction - if so it will go on 

Oh a good friend has recently started a page for selling for those NoR in Perth - check out 
Sellina imports from over east, as well as growing high quality plants here.  She also sells at the CSSWA shows.

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