Sunday, January 1, 2017

A trip to Victoria - Part 3 CSSA Show and Pots Galore

So its the morning of the show, its wet, its windy, we're rugged up to the nines and I can't stop coughing.... but we GOT THERE!!!!!

First I'll show off some of the many show plants... sorry again, I was mainly concentrating on variegated or ones I'd really like for MY collection....

Meanwhile I'm taking photos of these plants, my poor companion in arms braved the hail to take plants back to the car again.

I'm not saying we didn't buy anything though... we did, seriously!  Some of this was for the two of us, some was presents for friends in Vic.  But we had a ball!  We went armed with permits - so we had enough space for 40 plants to come back to WA with us. This made a very very serious dent in our ability to do any more shopping!

Best thing was we finally met James Lucas and we managed to get an invite to go back to Succulents Australia on the Monday before we flew back.  FANTASTIC.

 This was one of his I picked up - kind of like a very fine leaved topsy turvey, just gorgeous

  I didn't get this one at the show - but I did get one a couple of days later.

 This one was a present for a dear friend in Qld.  Poor thing ended up getting sent in a massive box. They must have been so disappointed when they opened the box and there was just this tiny baby inside!

As a final treat, someone mentioned we REALLY should have gotten to Pots Galore near Collectors Corner.  When we arrived it was basically storming.  So gale force cuttingly cold winds, along with torrents of rain.  But it didn't ruin our enthusiasm.

 So many pretties... so little time 😪

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