Friday, January 6, 2017

Buddha's Temples by the bucketload

I was lucky enough to find a source for Buddhas Temples this year.  These are gorgeous plants, but not the easiest to find!

Thankfully while "browsing" the web I came across The Succulent Store in Tasmania.  Never having DONE a permit before from Tasmania I wasn't even sure I was able.   Thankfully they were one of the states that are ok for bare rooted plants. (So far Victoria is the only one that insists that we remove all roots from plants before they can come over to WA - you still need a permit, and its still going to cost you around $110 for 20 plants, but at least we can GET plants).

So, talking to the lovely folk at The Succulent Store, and having found out who was interested in plants on my then group, I did a bulk order and we got in 40 Buddhas Temples for the group. The initial $35 cost of each plants ended up being just under $50 by the time I did permits, inspections, pumice, pots etc.   But given to order just one BT from Tasmania would normally have cost $50 ($35 for plant, $15 for postage) I hope no one felt too ripped off.   As I'm not on the group anymore I have no idea how they all went, but I hope that they all survived, and that in the future BT's will be much easier (and cheaper) to find here in WA.

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