Saturday, January 7, 2017

Faucaria trial from seed

 I have a number of different faucaria that grow at the base of palm trees around my place. Why palm trees ? Cause they sap every bit of moisture out of the ground so fast its hard to believe.  So these guys get watered twice a week in summer, and get rained on in winter.  They tend to grow well in these conditions here, and this year we developed a number of seed pods.

I actually have a few more types that this - just couldn't be bothered taking photos yesterday (the whole hitting 40 deg again here made inside a must)

Anyway, always keen to try new things I tried harvesting some of the seed.  Thankfully its a LOT bigger than echeveria seed, this lot can actually be seen easily without finding a pair of glasses (not that I need them really... well ok, yes I do, but that would mean heading to the optometrist)

 Popped it on some seed raising mix, with some coarse grit over it. Sealed it up.  Placed it in some bright light that wasn't tooo hot (i.e. laundry) and voila - the babies have sprouted (took about 6 days I think from memory)
Now comes the tough bit, getting them through to having 2 sets of leaves.... without die off.  Cross your fingers and hope!

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