Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Echeveria nodulosa 'Painted Lady' propagation

This is one of those plants I can't decide if I love or hate.  This one is obviously Tissue Culture as it came from the big green box (Bunnings).  This one was a present from a friend, and it flowered prolifically.  I couldn't just NOT attempt propagation, so I am trialling two versions. The mum plant got overtaken by spiders this year, its um on my list of things to clean up.... eventually 😉

Echeveria nodulosa - Painted Lady (with added spiders)

 Flower Stem Leaves
I plucked the leaves from a number of flowering stems.  And as you can see, these are rooting well.  I'll probably pop them into some soil mix soon, just to give them a chance.  No sign of actual babies on these as yet though.
Flowering stems....
These are actual flowering stems, I lopped off the flowers and planted the actual stems in soil.
They haven't rooted as yet (and may not). But its possible to see new growth from within the leaf node.
Time will tell if these growths are actual plants, or just new flowers. Either way remind me to report back!!!

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